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Put ungraded questions in a graded quiz?

Question asked by Melinda Owens on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Melinda Owens

I have a graded quiz at the end of each week. In the graded quiz, I have some autograded multiple-choice questions, but I would like to include some ungraded free response questions that are just for my feedback, questions like, "What was your muddiest point this week?" This increases the probability that the students do them. Right now, I have them set to be worth 0 points, but I still have to grade them and give the students 0 points each. I have 250 students so this is annoying. So, I am asking for one of two things:

- A way to use spreadsheets or something automated to give everyone who took the quiz 0 points for these questions OR

- A way to tell Canvas in future quizzes that these particular questions are ungraded.

Thanks so much!