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Effective Communication

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Everyone communicates differently and that’s okay; however, when communicating with people, it is imperative that we do so effectively. Effective communication is an important key to reaching success. 


Let’s say Sarah had an important test to take online and she could only work from home. She had two other siblings in the house who were extremely ambitious and full of energy. Sarah’s 16 year old brother was an aspiring rock star who enjoyed listening to loud hard metal music and loved to play along with his guitar . Her 15 year old sister had a zeal for classical music and practiced daily on the grand piano downstairs. Sarah knew that she needed peace and quiet while working on her test, so she closed the door to her room, which was located upstairs right next to her brother’s room. When Sarah started her test, there was silence in the home, but 5 minutes into testing, both siblings began their daily routines of working on their crafts. 

In at least a paragraph, tell me how Sarah should have handled this situation.