Benjamin Selby

Clever Solutions in our New Remote Learning Environment.

Discussion created by Benjamin Selby on Mar 31, 2020

Hi everyone. Don't know if someone else has a topic going for this, but I thought it might be a good idea for us all to share ideas about how we are handling the various issues which may arise given the remote learning which many schools are engaging in now due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 


My school has been promoting online learning with mixed success for a couple of years, but now students are all being taught completely online, so participation is no longer optional. 


One issue that we are trying to tackle is determining student engagement and activity while the students are learning from home. I'm currently looking at counting web requests per student, per day, per time period (class session). So, a given student might have 10 web requests for the period 09:00 to 09:45 (Lesson 1) on a given day. Students who have little or no web activity would be suspected as being 'absent' from a class. We are exploring other methods such as class rolls based on student presence in the class chat room, but these have to be manually recorded by teachers for each class that they are supervising. 


Do you have any ideas or suggestions about other methods for handling this new problem? Or any ideas about other issues which are arising and which are being handled in creative ways? I would love to hear your thoughts.