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Managing Commons content with multiple users

Question asked by Kim Weiss on Apr 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Kim Weiss

Many of the courses we offer are built using re-usable course content. Right now, when we build a new course, we import/copy the existing content directly from a master course, but maintaining all of those copies is a nightmare. We are trying to see if Commons can work as a solution, but I've run into problems that aren't addressed in the documentation.

I created a module in a Canvas course and I exported it to Commons, shared with everyone in our account. I then added that content to two separate courses in Canvas. When I made updates to the original content in Canvas, I was able to successfully update the module in Commons and sync those updates to the two other courses.

My problem is that there are two of us who current work at maintaining content (and we are likely to add a couple more in the near future), and it appears that only the person that created the original content in Canvas can actually update the content in Commons. When my colleague updates the content I created and tries to export the updates to Commons, she does not see the Update option that I see when completing the same task.

Is there a way to allow multiple users to export updates from a Canvas course to the same Commons module?