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Canvas & Dropbox Integration for Assignment Submission?

Question asked by Mark Littrell on Apr 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by Rick Murch-Shafer

Is there a wise way to have students submit responses to Canvas assignments in the form of a PDF file?

In a different (not Canvas) LMS, I saw an example of Dropbox integration where student assignments came in, were automatically timestamped, saved to a convenient location in Dropbox (for example, all submissions of a particular assignment were all in the same folder), and so forth. Super convenient and no file download required on the part of the instructor, from what I understood.

I really do NOT want to download files if it can be avoided; preferably, I would like to view them online so I can grade them one-by-one, without having to download some massive .zip file or equivalent. From what I understand of Canvas, if students submit responses to an assignment as PDF files, the only way I have access is to download a .zip file containing their individual submissions. 

I saw this video, which seemed to hold out the possibility of Canvas <--> Dropbox integration, but when I created a sample assignment, I realized that it's not what I expected; all it permits is transfer of files from Dropbox to Canvas; what I want is a folder in Dropbox with all their assignments. 

I know I can make file request links in Dropbox, but I saw no harm in asking for the collective wisdom and experience here, while I continue to mess around and see what might work. Someone may have a wiser solution. Thanks in advance...