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Modules and Assignments for specific students

Question asked by Shannon Falcone on Apr 13, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi! I just cannot figure this out on my own....


I am an instructor, and I have only one course (speech therapy).  I created a module titled "week of 4/14/20" and within that module, there is a list of of things (I don't know if they are considered assignments or files?).  Because each assignment or file is designated for specific students (maybe 2 instead of 57 students), I do not know if they are receiving just that one assignment. 


So if I have assigned "Wh questions" for John Doe, when John Doe clicks on the module, is he seeing JUST the "Wh questions" assignment I made for HIM? Or is he seeing this whole list of all these other links? Please see my attachment of the screen shot. On the assignment page, I designed "Wh" questions specifically for John Doe.