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Question asked by John Malone on Apr 13, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by John Malone

I just about lost it this morning after appearing to discover that not a single student has been watching my lecture videos on Canvas. 

I clicked "People" on the left side. Then clicked names, and went to the Access Report. One after the next, there was no record of the lecture file being opened. Then I performed a test of my own. I opened a lecture video myself and then went back to the Access Report for myself, and sure enough, there was no record of me opening it. Secondly, I went back to the lecture video, opened the file, and then clicked to download it. After going back to the Access Report, it now showed up as having been accessed.


Long story short, when you open the lecture video file, it shows the video on a screen within the file. If you simply watch the lecture by "streaming" it rather than actually doing a download, it will not show up as having been accessed.


This is a problem. Am I alone in making this discovery, or am I doing something wrong?