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Finishing a quiz automatically starts another quiz

Question asked by on Apr 14, 2020

I have not been able to find the answer to my question in the forum.  This question is strange, but I have my reasons for wanting to do it if it is possible.

I want to have two quizzes that are timed.  The first one has 1 attempt and a maximum time of say 2 hours.  The second quiz will have 1 attempt and a maximum time allowed of 5 minutes.


I want to start the the second quiz automatically for the student when they submit the first quiz.  Furthermore, the second quiz can only be accessed after the first quiz has been submitted.


So the way this works is the students start the first quiz, finish it and submit it after 1 hour of work.  Immediately the second quiz opens and starts for them and they have 5 minutes to complete it.


My answer would be this is not possible, but I know there are some very sharp individuals on here who may have an idea.

My worst case scenario is that I make quiz 2 accessible only once quiz 1 has been submitted, and I then look at the submission times for both quizzes and determine if the students followed my submission rules or not.

Thanks in advance.