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Why doesn't Conference end or make recording available?

Question asked by Matthew Dunn on Apr 14, 2020
Latest reply on May 8, 2020 by Tami Booth

I just tried using Canvas's "Conference" feature. (Yeah, I know, I know . . . )


Two things, however, are confusing me.  I am not sure if it is me who has the problem or the program.


(1) When I click to end the meeting in the drop-down box on the upper right, why does Conference NOT end the meeting?  Instead, the conference is still there in "New Conferences", indicating that it is "in progress", with the option to join it or (wait for it) end the meeting (which, I thought, had just been done).


So, apparently, ending the conference does not end the conference?  Or, rather, do I have to log out?



(2) Why are recorded conferences not available for download?  This question has two parts:


(Pt. I) Why, after having ended the meeting, does the conference show in "Concluded Conferences" -- but, without any ability to download the recording?  Instead, no link is given.  The only option is to delete the conference.


Yes, I checked the box in Settings to have the ability to record the conference.  Yes, I clicked on the record button to start recording.  Yes, I made sure that I had not inadvertently paused the recording (which is hard to do, given the pop-up message that appears when you do it).


Is it a matter of waiting?  Or, do you actually have to log out, instead of just ending the conference?  I noticed that both of my "test" recording became available after I logged out from another one, instead of just selecting to end the conference.  Was it just coincidence?


(Pt. II) When a conference is made available, why is there not just an option for downloading it?  Why do I have to go through the whole inefficient process of opening the conference recording, right-clicking, saving as, etc.?