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Will you ever add "short answer" type questions in Quizzes?

Question asked by Alisa Allen on Apr 15, 2020

I find myself frustrated regularly that there is not a "short answer" type question that is included in quizzes. I'd like students to have the option to write a free response answer that is just a sentence or two not a whole "essay." I'd really like it to look like a fill-in-the-blank type question but doesn't require the instructor to provide a "correct" response.

It would be completely awesome if there could be multiple short answers in one question just like there are multiple fill-in-the-blanks now. Right now I'm working on a vocabulary page and each word has several things students are supposed to do -- identify the part of speech, describe synonyms and antonyms, use it in a sentence, but I find the current quiz choices lacking. Having an "essay" question for each of those parts would make the assignment incredibly cumbersome. I created a pdf form, but pdf forms aren't supported. I created a form in Word, but I have several students for whom word online isn't working. I wish I could just make the form in Canvas -- kind of like a worksheet. #