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Question asked by Rob Yest on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by James Jones

Hi, I use assignments for students to upload their math exam.  They upload it as a single PDF.  I try to be consistent when grading, so I grade the same problem for each student before moving on to the next student.  This allows me to compare answers between students.  However, when I go back to another student's exam, the exam has been refreshed to page one.  Why?  If I am on page 7, I have to scroll through a lot for each student just to compare answers / scoring.  There is so much time wasted in this.  Why does the page last visited reset?  How do I stop that?


[Update] It is refreshing at an alarming amount of time, that it is almost making the service completely useless.  There are problems that weren't graded due to having to find where I left off and doing and erroneously picking up at the wrong problem.  So not only do I have to scroll through from the beginning every time I encounter a student's problem, but now I have to scroll through and ensure that every problem has been graded.  This is beyond absurd.  


[Update #2] What should have taken about 2 hours at most has taken over six hours.  I know some disciplines allow for evaluating a student's work independent of other student's work (e.g., writing essays).  Evaluation of mathematics needs consistency of evaluation; cross referencing between students' method of solution is paramount.  Speedgrader's necessity to refresh back to the top of the exam inhibits this.