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How do I mark a quiz that I've taken as complete?

Question asked by Bart Humphries on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by Bart Humphries

As a student, I have a list of quizzes.  Some have been completed and some haven't but when I look at the list of quizzes I can't see a way to know how to tell which is which.  If I come back next week and don't remember exactly where I left off, how can I figure that out without possibly dipping into multiple quizzes?

If multiple quizzes allow multiple retakes and I go through and take all of them once, how do I see which has a high score or a low score and that I should potentially prioritize retaking?  For instance, in the list one quiz says 10 points 6 questions. The following says 12 points 4 questions.  Is the 10 low or high?  What about the 12?  Do I need to keep dipping back into those quizzes?
It kind of seems like I'm missing a lot when I look at the list of quizzes for a course.