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Is there a way to have "graded replies" to discussion posts that students create?

Question asked by matt dewey on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Stefanie Sanders


In all the classes I teach I usually have students present a concept from the course material for that day. The student simply has to find a concept, idea, or key term in the reading and create a short presentation around it to lead the class discussion. Moving my courses online, I have found that the Discussion feature has in many ways replicated this process. In in-class situations, I keep notes about the participation of students and use this as part of their participation grade. On Canvas I was hoping I could have students create discussion posts and then be able to grade the replies. Unfortunately, this is not working as I hoped. If I create a graded discussion myself, I can grade the replies and use the Speedgrader feature. However, if a student creates the discussion, then the grading aspect seems to be removed other than manually checking the thread and counting to make sure each student has replied. Having worked through the student view, there is no way for a student to make the discussion "graded." My question is:

Is there a way for a student to create a discussion and to be able to have their classmates replies graded (and the discussion show up in the Gradebook)?


thank you!