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Programmatically generate access tokens for users

Question asked by Mohamed Haidar on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by Kim Huang

I am developing a single page app which will display the calendar information of each student.
I prefer that the student does not need to login to Canvas first (go through the OAuth2 flow).

I am able to proxy the Canvas API request through a secure server which contains the developer key client id and secret.
Due to API Rate Limiting, I would like to generate an access token for the specific user the request is for.
In the following document, it mentions something about programmatically generating the token

API Rate Limiting 


However I could not find how to do it in the OAuth2 API documentation

OAuth2 Endpoints - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 


I understand the client_credentials flow is usually for machine to machine. Is there a way to use this for API (non LTI) requests and be limited to a specific user?