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How do I free up space once CANVAS tells me that I've "exceeded the file storage quota"??

Question asked by Kurt Gentile on Apr 16, 2020
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For the past few weeks, I have been uploading PowerPoint slideshows for my students to copy. One of them was around 9000kb, another was 15000kb and I believe the other was around 10000kb.


Along with those, I have been sending short videos links via YOUTUBE that parallel the info in the slideshows.


As I begin a new UNIT, I tried sending a new PowerPoint slideshow (about 35000kb - a bit bigger, yes) and CANVAS keeps telling me that this upload exceeds the file storage quota.


I went back into previous lessons and deleted all the video links I have connected to my assignments, hoping that would free up space. I still can't upload this new PowerPoint slideshow.


What do I have so that I can begin sending PowerPoint slideshows again, with some video links to watch?? (Without erasing my previous lessons, with previous slideshows and assignment directions, so that students may refer back if needed.)