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Enviroment check in Respondus is missing

Question asked by Erica Villarreal on Apr 16, 2020

  Does anyone know if they have found that when going through the "checks", in Respondus Lock Down Browser, the environment check  tab is missing.  This is the second test I have taken where I am not prompted to use my computer to scan my environment.  I didn't know what to do so when the test started and prior to answering the questions, I scanned the area I was in hoping it was recording it.


The ID tab is not present and the environment check is not present.


I downloaded the newest version, from the the schools website, to a new laptop.  I can find information that indicates previous versions have a hanging environment check as the result of the McAffee True Key being on their computer but that was a few years old.  I do have a free McAfee LiveSafe on it that  came with the laptop but do not see any info at the Respondus site indicating it is a problem with the new software.


I really need to resolve this for school.