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Bluejeans integration for Canvas

Question asked by Kacie Cleary on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by Rob Ditto

Has anyone had any success with integrating BlueJeans with Canvas? I've been able to get as far as installing it but get stuck at the authentication part.


Bluejeans has a great user guide that I've been working from (see BlueJeans Canvas integration) but their support has been slow, which is totally fair since I can imagine how busy they are. 


Steps I took -

1. I created a new access token as an admin and sent it to them on their request. They then sent me the Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

2. I went to Admin > Settings > Apps then + App. I selected Paste XML (for some custom code to hide it by default)

and added the key, secret and custom code. Saved.

3. Went to BlueJeans on the Admin panel, clicked "Authenticate" and a new window blinked on the screen briefly. I tried clicking authenticate a couple more times before finally getting an "Invalid Credentials" error. (see BlueJeans authentication error video walkthrough)


Potential Issues

  • Need to be an admin for BlueJeans - I'm not sure how BlueJeans works for user permissions, but would it make sense that a BlueJeans admin would have to authenticate?
  • Custom Code conflict - by default, new LTIs are added to a course menu. To prevent this, I added the some custom code (<lticm:property name="default">disabled</lticm:property>) so that instructors can opt-in if they want. Could this be part of the issue?


Any thoughts or suggestions would be a huge help! I've also reached out to Canvas support but they pretty much said it's a BlueJeans issue.