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OER for Teaching Writing

Discussion created by Eric Werth Champion on Apr 17, 2020

Hello everyone!


At my institution we have been working on reassessing our introductory writing courses in light of two factors: 1) the fact that students come to college with varied writing ability; and 2) the reality of the COVID situation and its impact on both our institution and students/families.  Our goal is to avoid requiring students to complete developmental courses and have a more mastery-based approach where a student's ability is assessed and they then complete blocks/modules focused on their identified weaknesses.


Has anyone found a course, program, or approach that has worked for them?  We have located programs like MyOpenMath (MyOpenMath ), but not something focused on writing that isn't subscription-based.  The use of Mastery Paths (Canvas Release: MasteryPaths (2016-11-19)) is something we are considering, but we thought that all of you in the Community may have found innovative approaches we might build upon!


Thanks in advance,