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Why is the Inbox 'Compose a new message' function so broken?

Question asked by Michael Myers on Apr 17, 2020

The Canvas Inbox has so many features lacking that it's hard to know where to start. You can't search by topic, content, or anything else, only a recipient name. You can't save anything in folders other than archive, and etc. etc.


Now the issue, and this happens to everyone on my College campus, is that the Inbox makes you chase your choices, and it keeps disappearing when you're trying to send a message to a class. You select 'Favorite Courses', or 'My Courses', try to select a class, and it disappears over and over again. Then if you DO manage to select the class, most of the time the "To:" box is missing so you can't choose a recipient, or group of recipients. So you end up exiting out, and trying again. And again.


This is beyond irritating when I have to send a lot of messages to my students individually, so I usually give up and use my staff email through Outlook. I don't want my students emailing me there, I want them using the Inbox. I have attached a video.


When can this be fixed? 


FYI, we're using Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, etc. and it makes no different what browser you're in.