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Hide Settings from Account Navigation

Question asked by Emily Pulham on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by Emily Pulham

We are starting to get our LMS integrated with our homegrown SIS and I need a way to hide students' ability to change their password or their student name (I have no issue with them changing the Canvas Display Name, and would like to let them still change this if needed). I feel like the easiest way to do this is with CSS or JS, but I've had no luck. Would it be better to try to hide the Settings navigating from Account Navigation entirely? We already don't let our users add an extra contact email, and going forward students and teachers will all use school provided emails.


I saw that there is JS to remove "Forgot Password" -- but I already have a fix to re-route to a web page with instructions rather than default to change password  (thanks to this thread: Remove or change "Forgot Password" Link by @Tim Maw )