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Sharing OneNote Notebooks via Canvas?

Question asked by Mark Littrell on Apr 17, 2020

I am supporting classes in an online instruction mode using Zoom. Instead of having a whiteboard in a physical classroom, I am capturing OneNote on an iPad, mirroring it to my desktop screen with Reflector3.


Students have asked me to share the OneNote notebook, but I am at a loss to understand how to do this easily. I watched a few videos on YouTube, which seemed clear enough, and I tried to ape the steps I saw.


I added the OneNote app to my Canvas shell; In OneNote on my iPad, I logged in to my institution's Canvas LMS so that I could Map the Class Notebook to my Canvas course. But once in Canvas, I see no evidence of this notebook anywhere. When I go into the Canvas settings-->apps, clicking on the OneNote app icon allows me to navigate to the page, where I can get a Consumer Key and Shared Secret (key), and there I see all my OneNote notebooks, and so on. I even made a OneNote notebook for a dummy canvas shell I have (just like you see in this video and this other one), but once in that dummy shell, I log in with my dummy student account, and I can't find the OneNote notebook that I mapped to the shell from in my iPad.


I don't know what I don't know. I just want to be sure everything is smooth and camera-ready before I start playing with this in my Canvas shell. But I can't figure out how to push my OneNote "whiteboard" into my Canvas shell so students can have access.


My institution does use Office365, and I am keeping all my OneNote notebooks in my institutional OneDrive. The same Office365 account I am logging into from within my Instructor Canvas shells.


I read various threads here and see videos elsewhere and many seem to be thrilled with OneNote and Canvas integration. I would love to join the throng of happy, satisfied users. Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.