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Collaboration Launch LTI error message - "You are not allowed to view this content"

Question asked by Robert Anzalone on Apr 19, 2020

I'm an instructor that created Collaborations linked to Office 365 PowerPoint for student groups to work on. After I finish this, I'm able to verify that the student groups were correctly assigned, and I'm also allowed to Lauch LTI. Everything looks good at that point.


However, I can no longer launch LMI and get an error message that says, "You are not allowed to view this content." I cannot access any of the collaborations that were created by me.


I've just tried creating a new Collaboration following the same steps as I'd originally done, and this seems to work. But all of the older Collaborations give me the same error message as above. 


Why am I getting this error message when I try to view Collaboration content linked from Office 365?