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Account-level grading standards not readable via API

Question asked by Carlos Saito on Apr 21, 2020

We have found an inconsistency in the grading standards Canvas API and want to know if it is on purpose or a bug


The behavior of grading standards in the UI is like this:

  • Account administrators can read and edit account-level grading standards
  • Teachers can read and edit course-level grading standards
  • Teachers can assign any grading standard (account-level and course-level) to a assignment. Therefore:
  • Teachers can read (not edit) account-level grading standards


However, in the API

  • Teachers cannot access to "GET /accounts/«account id»/grading_standards" if they are not admins
  • Teachers can access "GET /courses/«course id»/grading_standards" but they can only see course-level grading standards


Is there any way that someone with teacher permissions can see all the grading standards eligible for their assignments via API?