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Questions about updating a Canvas course from Commons?

Question asked by Lynda Whittington on Apr 21, 2020

For my school district, I have created a "master" Canvas course for our Speech Therapists to access.  I added it to the Commons so every Speech Therapist could create their own course using the content in my "master" course.


When I make updates to the "master" course, I know how to import those updates into the Commons so the Speech Therapists can access the updates.  And I know how to instruct them to update their courses.


My questions:

1) If they added their own modules to their course, will they lose their modules when they update the course with the "master" course?

2) Will they lose any pages they added to their course when they update the course with the "master" course?

3) Will they lose their discussions when they update the course?

4) Going forward, what can they ADD to their course that won't be impacted or erased by the next update?


I realize what I created was possibly an anomaly -- not what the typical Canvas user creates.   Our district did not know all the workings of Canvas before advising that all teachers and instructional staff have their own courses to share with parents.


Thank you for any and all advice,