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What is the best way to embed images?

Question asked by Carter Jensen on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by Kelley L. Meeusen

I am creating a geometry quiz and need to embed images of geometric figures.  I have three different outcomes that I just experienced and I bet there is an easy explanation out there but I couldn't find it by searching previous questions.


first:  I took a screen shot of an image from an online homework tool I use.  I saved it and uploaded it  into Canvas using the side bar on the right.  I did not see the image, just what appeared to be a link to the image. It was a png file and when I clicked on it, the file did open and the image did show. I was only able to upload when I checked the "decorative image" box.


second: I deleted and reloaded the image and the second time, the image was visible in the question.


third:  I am uploading a second image and now I do not have to check the "decorative image" box.  It did upload just fine.


Also, I now have two copies of the first image, appearing on the side bar.  This is most likely a computer speed issue, right?  Would my quiz images have been fine, had I just trusted that they would eventually appear?  Is there a browser that is preferred when uploading images?  And why did I not need to call the image a decorative image the second time? 

In general, I would love to know the cleanest, simplest process for taking a screen shot and embedding it in a quiz question.