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Bug Report: Multiple answers questions don't score properly

Question asked by David M. Bastedo on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by James Jones

I have made up several exams (quizzes) for my online classes.  I tried using the Multiple answer type questions where I was looking for the student to pick two correct answers out of a list of 8.  If the student picks only one answer instead of 2 it corrects that response properly.  But, if the student picks two answers and one is right and one is wrong, it may report 0 points or it may report 1 point.  It is not consistent.   It marks the responses properly.  I see a green or a red indicator next to the student's responses, but it doesn't score the question correctly.  The student may have one green and one red, one choice correct and one choice wrong, but the score is 0 points!!  I have to manually go back through all the students and find this question and correct it manually on all of their exams.  My hypothesis is that out of the two correct answers that I indicated if the first answer is wrong and the second one is right, then it doesn't score the second correct answer. When it goes to assign points, it doesn't assign any points even if the second answer is correct.  Just a guess.  The marking choices as right or wrong is fine, but the scoring is messed up.