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Creating answers AFTER students took the quiz. How can I allow students see them?

Question asked by Dahyeon Jeong on Apr 22, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2020 by Priscilla Martinez

Here is the situation.

1. Students took the Quizzes (at that time I had NOT created the answers to each question).

2. Students complete the Quizzes and I graded them all.

3. Now, I created Answers to Quizzes.

4. I used the option to allow students to see the Answers.

5. But students are not able to see the answers. 


My guess is that changes made after the Quizzes are completed are not reflected in the version students already took. 


Another idea I have is to directly edit the questions of the Quizzes to include answers as part of the questions. Will any change in the questions be reflected in the version students already took?


This has been a lot of pain, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.