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Bb Ally with Canvas--permissions and known issues

Question asked by James Umphres on Apr 22, 2020

Hi everyone,


I've had Ally installed in my instance of Canvas for about one year but only recently enabled it for all courses. Last week I noticed that it had been mysteriously disabled. Which lead me to the realization that all low-level subaccount administrators have access to the main Ally Configuration. My school has about 150 subaccounts and 40 subaccount admins who have ability to search courses in their account and do some simple admin tasks. I searched each one of those users' access logs for evidence of Ally-fiddling but found nothing. I'm quite certain I was looking for the right activity.


So I have two questions:


Has anyone experienced a spontaneous disabling of Ally in canvas?


Do you have any recommendations about permissions? I can't see a way to restrict access to Ally Config... Perhaps editing javascript to hide the link from those roles. Otherwise the admin permissions are too broad.


Thanks for any insight