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How can I see which papers have not yet RECEIVED a peer-review assignment?

Question asked by Holli Tonyan on Apr 23, 2020

Using the existing online tools like the instructor guide and the handy guide created by an individual, I've been able to figure out most of what I've needed to figure out to manage the peer review options in Canvas, however, I'm still left with a few things I can't seem to find.

  • I can see which STUDENTS have BEEN ASSIGNED a paper to review from the Peer Review page
  • I can see whether individual students have completed their peer review on the same page
  • but the only way I've figured out to see whether each PAPER has even been assigned a reviewer is to use "find" with individual students' names which is very inefficient.


Is there any way to sort the peer review assignments by student paper reviewed instead of by peer reviewer?


Is there any way to track whose completed the peer review in the gradebook?