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Giving students instructions for reading feedback given in the margin of a document or slide presentation --not the comments under the grade box; these are actually in the margin of the document.

Question asked by Bjrmbr1989 Reilly on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2020 by Stefanie Sanders

How can my students see comments I have made on their documents they have turned in?  Several of my students are telling me they cannot see the small comment boxes in the margins.  I highlight the segment of the document then open the comment box on the side.  Some students cannot find these comments.  This is not the general comment box below the grading section.  These are the comments that show up in boxes along the margin of a document or a slide presentation. I can see them just find as I enter them -- I don't know to tell students how they can see them!

Thank you for your help!