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80-character limit in Filling the Blank category?

Question asked by Dongmei Cao on Apr 26, 2020
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While making a quiz using Filling in the Blank, when I enter correct answers, which are often longer sentences for the type of quizzes I give, I receive warnings that my answer keys are over the 80 character limit. When I ignore it, my answer keys are cut short. Student answers are marked wrong even though they give the full long correct answers. Is there a way to increase the limit to longer than 80 characters? 80 is awfully short. Would be nice if this restriction is lifted.

Somewhere I read about people talking about this restriction being lifted. That discussion was a few years ago, but today, April 26, 2020, 80-character limit is still restricting my longer answers.

Please help. I really like the Filling the Blank feature but would love to make it work for short as well as long answers. Thanks.