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Bug in creating a Developer Key

Question asked by Roy Burgos on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by Roy Burgos

Is there a bug in creating a Developer Key for an LTI app?


I can create a developer key for LTI, I initially created it with a Public JWK URL. When I tested the Developer Key for an assignment, I saw that the JWKS that was coming out of the public URL wasn't being accepted (error was JWK Invalid Signature).


I went back to the developer key and pasted the same key in the Public JWK. Tested again and same error. I looked at the JSON format of the developer key and I saw that the Public JWK URL was still there. I couldn't delete the line. Nor could I replace the JSON (with the line for the Public JWK URL removed)... it looks like it accepted it but after saving and I looked at the developer key, I saw that the Public JWK URL was there (again).


The only way I could make that JWK URL go away is to delete the Developer Key and start over but this time only paste the value of the key in the Public JWK field.