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Question asked by Maya Betancourt on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 1, 2020 by awilliams

Hello, every time my daughter,who's in 2nd Grade have to do Math Assignments, we go through Module that leads to Student Edition, she tries to write her answers on the assignment worksheet  but it doesn't let her wright anything nor print out the assignment properly so that it shows the entire worksheet. Every time she press on the little thing that looks like a miniature camera on that site, a message keeps telling us, "the eReader cannot, at present, save your notes or highlights for the eBook. Please log in again." First of all, I don't know where they mean about login in, my daughter could never do her Math Assignments due to this issue. she always have to wright the questions and answers in a regular notebook. This is really bad for me because she can't even Submit her answers so that the teacher can see that she did do her work and then she gets stuck re-doing work she has already completed. Not one of her Math Assignments except math Test have been submitted to show it was done. I'm really upset and stressed out about this. Would someone PLEASE HELP us with this issue, we are tired of going in circles trying to figure this out. 

P.S. Her teacher did give us a GoMath site one time but it hasn't worked in quite a few weeks now.

Also, is there a site where we can print, copy out of GoMath worksheets so that we can send it to her teacher via email?