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Graduate Assistants and SpeedGrader

Question asked by Jason Smith on Apr 29, 2020

In the past, I've had students turn in assignments with Turn-it-In, and I've created a list of QuickMarks that can be used repeatedly. After grading a few assignments, I've had a Graduate Assistant (added to the class as a TA) use my QuickMark file and go through grading the papers. I perform a final review and then post the grades manually.


This time, I tried using Groups and assigned the project to groups with a file upload (I don't think Turn-it-In will work with Groups), and I'm finding that the SpeedGrader is very limited. I can't use QuickMarks, and any comments my TA makes are labeled with her name (which is likely to cause students to question her judgment and/or feel resentful toward her instead of me).


Does anyone have best practices or tips using SpeedGrader and a TA? How do you easily apply typical comments over and over again? How do you protect the anonymity of your TA? Alternatively, is there any way to move these file upload submissions into a new "assignment" that uses Turn-it-In? (In other words, could I download their submissions and upload them into Turn-it-In somehow?)


Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.