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Why can't I accept my institute class in my Canvas?

Question asked by Dulamsuren Selenge on Apr 30, 2020

I couldn't enter my institute and seminary canvas recently! Because one of my seminary & institute coordinators changed something and connected my canvas to her while she was matching my canvas into seminary teacher's canvas lessons. Since that, when I entered into my institute canvas with my lds account, it showed me her canvas! I reported this problem and canvas team fixed. Before it was fixed my Religion Institute Teacher sent me the link that i can take the lesson for getting credits of BYU and I entered my lds account it accepted on her canvas dashboard. After it was fixed-Now, I can't see any lessons on my dashboard! I think that on her canvas my lesson was accepted, even though i login in with my lds account! How can I fix it and who can i contact to have my lessons on my Dashboard?

Is there any one who did it happen before? and is there any one who can help me?