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Managing Assignment Rubrics

Question asked by Cynthia Hollingsworth on Apr 30, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Stefanie Sanders

I'm trying to wrap my head around assignment rubrics. I can create and edit new ones. I know how to delete them. Maybe a bit about my background may impact this: I support many faculty; I create new rubrics in their courses sometimes. I create new rubrics in my own sandbox courses. I often import an existing course that belongs to a faculty into a sandbox course to test it. So I have access to rubrics I created and that some others created.


Here are my questions:

  • In an assignment, when I add a rubric, I can create a new one or click Find a Rubric. When I "Find" a rubric, I get a very long list of rubrics. It seems that some of these were created by someone else. What is triggering them to show in my list? Do they also show in someone else's list?
  • At the top of the screen, if I click Manage Rubrics, it seems that it only shows me rubrics I created in that specific course; correct?
  • There are three rubrics in the course I'm working in (located in Manage Rubrics). One of them also appears in the long list of rubrics; the other two don't. Why?
  • If I wanted to attach one of the three rubrics located in Manage Rubrics to the assignment, there is no "go" "ok" "attach" type button anywhere -- how do I get it attache to the assignment.


Hope someone can help me figure this out -- it's probably really simple, but I'm just not getting what's happening "behind the scenes."