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Internal links to scheduled Zoom meetings?

Question asked by Graeme Austin on Apr 30, 2020
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Hello everyone. There's probably an easy answer to this:


Is there a way to link from a Page (or Discussion, etc.) to a scheduled Zoom meeting under the Zoom tab?


So, for instance, I've set up my first morning of material like this:



It's easy to do internal links to subject materials and to other Pages or Discussions, etc. (See, e.g., 9.10 a.m., where there is a link to another Page  - Module Overview.)  But I can't seem to find an easy way to link directly to the Zoom meetings: e.g., at  - 9.00 a.m., 9.30 a.m. etc (which are scheduled already, and all appear under the "Zoom" tab in the subject).  



Any help gratefully received.


Many thanks,