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Canvas guides with new RCE images

Question asked by Kimmaree Murday on May 1, 2020
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We are looking to train folks who are brand new to Canvas, and are now in an extremely awkward situation, because all of the Canvas instructor guides show images of the old RCE. We are stuck trying to explain to some no-so-savvy instructors why it is that their RCE doesn't look like the images in the guides. Yes, we can refer them to the pages on the new RCE, but for already anxious new faculty, it would be really nice to have Canvas guides that actually look like the current instance of Canvas. Do we have any updated Canvas guides that show images of the new RCE in content pages like "Setting up your syllabus" - and if not, do we have a sense of when the instructor/student guides will all be updated with those new images?