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Finding cross listed section from course with rest API

Question asked by Ulrik Sandgren on May 2, 2020
Latest reply on May 3, 2020 by Matt Hanes

How should an integration work to find a cross listed section when making a enrolment?


Lets say you have an integration that handles enrolment and that the course sis id is set by the integration at creation. Later  on a teacher cross lists the section

Then a student is going to be enroled by the integration (using sis id for course and student id), the integration starts doing this:

1. Finds the course id by searching with course sis id

2. Finds all section on the course id

3. Enrol the student on section id


But because the section has been cross listed step 2 fails to return the section.

And I can not find any API methods to search for sections without having a course id.


How should the integration work to be able to continue enrolling on sections after section been cross listed?