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Sample draw from question bank -- duplication of questions?

Question asked by Richard Kujawa on May 3, 2020

I am new to quizzing w CANVAS.  I created some question banks to build an exam.  I created a series of banks and then drew samples from them for various sections of the exam.  I checked it and tested it and it seemed to be working well.  Students have taken the exam and I was surprised to find duplicate questions on the exam.  I thought that I must've duped them in the bank and went back to check -- nope.  So my question is:  When selecting from a bank is it random selection without replacement?  If it is, has anyone else had the experience of getting questions duped?  My banks are small so, for example, I asked for 6 questions out of a bank of 11 and I saw dupes on the exam for several students.  I'd appreciate thoughts from the experts.