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I created an assignment using Flipgrid, but can only see one section of students in the Speedgrader.

Question asked by Jacqueline Pankhurst on May 3, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by Jacqueline Pankhurst

My course is set up so there are three sections that I cross-listed into one course.  I used Flipgrid as an external tool to create an assignment for students.  I created three separate assignments, one for each section of students in the course.  When I try to use speedgrader to grade the videos, I can only see students listed for one of the assignments.  In the other two assignments, there are no students listed at all.  When I look at the grid, I can see that students in those sections have posted videos on the other two assignments.  I don't think any of my students are accessing this outside of the Canvas assignment, which is one of the things that Flipgrid lists as a potential problem with speedgrader in their directions.  Anyone have any idea why I can't see students in the other two assignments?