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Time extensions require extended quiz duration for everyone?

Question asked by Alex Czopp on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Alex Czopp

Hi folks, I've looked around for someone asking about this specific issue but haven't seen it:


When I provide extra time for a student (for ability-related accommodations), Canvas requires that the quiz remain available for that additional time. This means that students who "arrive" late, can take the full duration of the exam as long as it submitted before the extended availability time. I don't like this.


A concrete example: I am giving a quiz at 10 am that students have 1 hour to complete. Normally, I would set the duration to 60 minutes and set the Available from/Until times to 10 am - 11 am. However, if I have a student who receives 100% additional time, then in order for the personal extension (created via Moderate) to be allowed, I need to extend the quiz Available Until time to 12 pm. BUT (and here is my issue), this means that *any* student can start the exam late (e.g., at 11 am) and still have the full 60 minutes to complete the exam. What I would like is for only the 1 student (or more depending on number of students with accommodations) to be able to have extra time for the exam, but not allow late starters to have the full time.


I know this may seem fairly idiosyncratic, but I suspect others have been in this predicament?


Thanks in advance.