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Does Canvas app have limited functionality?

Question asked by WSET London on May 5, 2020
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Hello all!


I'm having two issues with the Canvas Student app (on Android - haven't tested IoS), that I'm getting no help from Canvas support on.


1. Does the app support the use of buttons? I've created buttons on the homepage of my course which work beautifully on desktop but when I test on the student app they are stripped out. I've trawled through multiple discussions but can't find anyone else with this issues.


2. Does the app support SCORM files? From this 2017 and this 2018 discussion, it seems it does not. Has this changed at all since then? When I test on the app, it says it cannot load the package (although it works fine on desktop).


Ryan Seilhamer You seem to have be present in most of the posts I've ready - are you able to shed any light?