Michele Fogg

Creating video content internally on Canvas and accidentally losing it.  AVOID THIS "feature" -- it sucks.

Discussion created by Michele Fogg on May 7, 2020

DON'T Record a video using the internal Canvas recorder.  I have now completed my 3rd attempt at re-recording it because it doesn't have a way to salvage it if you accidentally delete it. You go all the way through, record, watch it over and even save it and then it puts the box with the link to your video in the main comment box but the cursor has you in the box typing over their title.  ONE FALSE MOVE and the video you just spent forever on is GONE.   JUST GONE.  You can't get it back.  I'm the idiot who tried it three times on one video before giving up realizing this is the BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME.  Use an outside media recorder that knows what it's doing.  BE WARNED. There are tons of better options out there to record and add the file.  They have a long way to go on this. SERIOUSLY FLAWED.