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Recording from a video on the web during a narrated lecture

Question asked by Alison Harmer on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 7, 2020 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi, I need to be able to both narrate  a lecture and have screen capture record a youtube video during my lecture which I'm recording using Canvas Studio. At present it is not possible to both narrate  a lecture and then go to a link and play a video from the web. I tried this with narration and computer sounds turned on, but the video sound doesn't work properly. The youtube video sound works if I only select computer sounds and turn off narration and my headphones, but that obviously isn't useful. I can't change settings during the lecture either. The online chat person I communicated with suggested I submit it as an idea. I can't find where to submit the idea so am putting here in questions. This will be a very useful fix if you can enable it. Thank you. Alison