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Course Commons import wipes out original assessment with student submission.

Question asked by Panda Giant on May 6, 2020

We just find out that if you import a course commons quiz generated by Examview, the import will wipe out some preexisting quiz.


It is not overwriting a quiz with identical name, it wipes out random quizzes which have completely different names. It is more frustrating that it wipes out quizzes with submissions. 


I don't see anyone report this bug, but does Canvas know this issue? is it for questions generated with Examview only or with any QTI regardless of test generator?


What is the cause? The import of the quiz commons will wipe something out for sure, but we don't know which one it will be wipe out.


We found out a way to restore the wiped out questions by reimporting a QTI, but what if the QTI is not available, how can you recover the wiped out questions and submissions? it is not in the deleted items list.