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Grading discussions - outgoing and incoming responses

Question asked by Rick Michelson on May 6, 2020

When grading discussions, I can read the outgoing comments from student who wrote them, that are addressed to other students. However, there isn't a way for me to see the "in-coming" responses from the other students. Since I'm giving them points on their interaction/engagement in the discussions, the way its set up now, I have to go through the entire discussion to identify those who responded to the first student. Is there a way to see both outgoing and incoming comments at the same time...? 


Here's an example: 

Student A's comment section for grading... I can see their outgoing statements such as: But

Outgoing to student B: "Hey, I liked your comments and agree....."                      

Outgoing to student C: "I thought your analysis was right on....." 

Outgoing to student D: "I disagree with your point about ...." 


But, I can't see if B, C or D responded to them in Student A's comment area. I have to go through and find the responses from B, C, D, or anyone else in the whole discussion. 


We should be able to see a students entire discussion both outgoing and incoming in the same area. If there is way to do that... let me know...