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Making a quiz with a file upload

Question asked by jow spainhourd on May 6, 2020
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I looked in the guides here and they are pretty useless.  The only thing I can find is how a student would upload a file to answer a question.  Looks straight forward enough but doesn't work at least in preview mode for the instructor.

I have want to make a quiz with an Excel file the students are to finish the then upload.  I was able to attach the file in the quiz question OK.  I then went to preview it.  In preview I was able to download the file, open it with Excel, finish the file, and saved it to my computer.  When I upload the file, nothing happens.  Does Preview not work for this?  All my other quizzes are multiple choice, match or essay type questions and I can preview those without difficult..  When setting up the quiz for a file upload it there some trick?  I looked over all of the settings and nothing seems to be out of place.