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Individual Quiz Answers - Canvas API

Question asked by Andrew Fuenmayor on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by Andrew Fuenmayor

Our campus is trying to compile quiz response data for our annual review process. In trying to compile this data I came across this API call which gives me all the data I need for a given quiz:<course_id>/assignments/<assignment_id>/submissions?include[]=submission_history

This call displays quiz_id, user_id, question_id, answer_id, and whether or not that answer was correct for every student who took the quiz and every question they answered.


To extract this data systematically across a large number of quizzes we created a short python script using the canvasapi library. However, we are having trouble getting the answers students gave to individual questions. It appears as though in the submission_questions endpoint the individual answer data does not exist as described in this github thread. That thread is now five years old though so I was wondering if anyone has found another solution