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Copying a Quiz: Massive Problem?

Question asked by Brett Blacketer on May 10, 2020
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Copying Quizzes:

UGH, I don't even know where to start . . .

So, I copied a quiz to the same class so that I could take an exam and it down to 2 quizzes.

I copied, then opened up the copy, and began editing it. Renamed it, rewrote it, then assigned it.

A week later, I went to work on the second quiz, so I again, recopied the original exam.


Suddenly, the edited version that I'd already assigned - and some students had completed - reverted back to its original state - same title, none of the editing present.

I opened up the SpeedGrader to see what showed up in the student's who'd completed it - I found the edited quiz on some, the original in others.

I spent A LOT of time building the edited quiz and am now in complete freak out mode - not to mention that students are going to be extremely confused as the assignment has changed DRAMATICALLY while they are in the middle of working on it.